January 1, 2010

New Decade's Goals

A bit different take on goals this time around. Instead of giving my goals for the upcoming year, I'm thinking big. These are the things that I want to accomplish in the next ten years.

1. Begin a career. Right now I'm stuck in a crappy fast food job, and I have a Master's degree. I'm not at all happy with this arrangement. So, in the next decade (actually, I would rather have this happen in the next year), I want to find a job in my field that I can stay with for many, many years. I'm almost 30 years old, It's about time I found some stable, good paying employment.

2. Start a family. Emily and I had wanted to have kids by now, but unfortunately our financial situation has prevented this. And with our friends beginning to have children (Thomas and Morah, we're very happy for you, but also insanely jealous!), and with me being almost 30 years old, we realize that our time to have kids is running short. So, the sooner the better.

3. Buy a house. We are tired of living in small, cramped, hard to keep clean apartments. We have too much stuff for apartment living. So, we want to get a house. Of course, this depends on finding stable employment. We don't want to buy a house, then realize that we can't afford it, or have to move because of work. Once either Emily or I find that nice career path, we can start saving money to buy a house, wherever it is we are living. People younger than me are starting to buy houses (have I mentioned that I'm almost 30?), so I think we should have one too.

4. Travel more. You know how many true vacations we took this decade? One. To Boise. To see Emily's sister. By true vacations, I mean ones where you go somewhere just to go. We did some traveling, but it was always for weddings/funerals, so I don't count those. We almost went down to California to see Mara and Brent, but unfortunately had to cancel. We want to go there sometime this year. Also, we really want to go to Europe. Ireland and France have been mentioned as possible destinations, but I really want to go to Germany during Oktoberfest. Why? Do you really have to ask?

So there you have it. My goals for the decade. Come back here January 1, 2020 to see how I did.

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  1. Hey! I really liked your idea about making a list of the things you want to accomplish in the next decade. Makes me think about what I want. Good luck with your goals.. I really hope you will achieve them ASAP.