September 25, 2009

Weight Loss Update: 10 Weeks Left

Goal weight: 150.0 lbs
Current weight: 160.0 lbs
Pounds to go: 10
Weeks to go: 10

Very attainable. I only have to lose one pound per week to obtain my ideal weight. I'm actually kind of shocked I'm down to 160. Last week, I was actually under 160 pounds (not by much. I weighed 159.8, but still...). Then we went home last weekend for Emily's uncle's funeral. And, of course, there was food. Lots of it. Just sitting there waiting for me to scarf it down. And scarf I did. I definitely overindulged myself. Then this week I haven't been exercising like I wanted. I lifted weights every other day like I had planned, but nothing else. Emily has this weight loss DVD (it has two parts to it: one brisk one mile walk using light weights, and a more intense walk and jog component) that I occasionally do, and I meant to do that, but didn't. So next week is the beginning of a new intense exercise regimen. Here's my plan:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Lift weights, one mile walk using light weights
Tuesday, Thursday: Walk and jog

I'm doing better about not over-eating. I'm not counting calories, I'm just stopping when I begin to feel full. Plus, now that Emily has a job and we have money, we can afford to buy healthier food and not so much processed junk. That should benefit both of us.

And another thing: I realize that lifting weights may actually cause me to gain weight in the form of muscle. I'm OK with that. Actually, I welcome that. After my birthday, of course. I wouldn't mind building muscle mass, as long as my fat belly is gone.


  1. Keep it up!

    Muscle helps burn fat, so while you might not see weight loss right away when you're building muscle, you'll see fat loss (which is more important, imo).

    I'm just starting to do weights again today since the accident two weeks ago. :-/ It makes a big difference.

  2. I've actually seen both weight and fat loss. I've been losing weight, and am noticably thinner. So far I'm very encouraged by the results, and want to see more.