October 2, 2009

Weight Loss Update: 9 Weeks Left

Note: This is my 100th post on New [Improved] Worthless Hack. Here's to a hundred more.

Goal weight: 150.0 lbs.
Current weight: 158.4 lbs.
Change from last week: -1.6 lbs.
Pounds to go: 8.4

It seems that my new more intense workout regimen is paying off nicely. Earlier this week I was down to around 157 pounds, but put on a bit since then (damn you Qdoba and your big-ass burritos!). I'm very pleased with these results. I'm well on my way to my goal weight. I even had a friend yesterday comment on how skinny I look (thanks Ari! You should all go to her site and order stuff).

Now that we have two paychecks coming in for the first time in about two years, Emily and I are going to focus on eating better. In the past, we haven't really been able to afford organic foods. Now that we can, we are starting to buy them. And, this will shock all of you, after Halloween I'm going to drastically cut back on the amount of beer I drink. Why after Halloween and not now? This is why. I must drink this all through the month, then ration what I have left so that it lasts me a few more months. It's a weakness I have, and I can't fight it. But after Halloween I will not drink as much as I do now. Just to let you all know, I might not be too much fun to be around. :)

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