July 23, 2009

Weight Loss Competition Update II

Starting weight: 167.2 lbs.
Current weight: 164.6 lbs.
Change from last week: + 0.2 lbs.
Overall weight change: -2.6 lbs.

A bit of a setback this week, but that's OK. Emily and I are starting to exercise regularly now. We walk 3 miles every other day, and the days we don't walk we are lifting weights (thanks to Phoenix for lending us some dumbbells). Emily says that, even though I may not be losing weight, I look like I'm slimming down. This won't help me win the contest, but it makes me feel better about myself. Next week should be better.


  1. Great job! Both of you!

    I'm back to being motivated again. Today's been a great day, and I've got skinless chicken breasts in the oven for dinner to go along with veggies.

    I'm 1.5 lbs. down from the beginning. 0.99% weight lost. Ha, that sounds pathetic, but it will get better. :)

  2. And I need to get a scale like yours with the 1/10th lbs. Mine only does 1/2 lbs. Not nearly as cool.

    Slightly related word verification and I'm not making this up: uneater

  3. Uneater is pretty sweet!

    Congrats on being 0.99% less heavy than you were!