August 6, 2009

Weight Loss Competition Update IV

Starting weight: 167.2 lbs.
Current weight: 162.4 lbs.
Change from last week: -1.0 lbs.
Overall weight change: -4.8 lbs.

Mara, are you going to owe me a drink? :)

Very happy with my progress so far. I haven't been this light in a few years. I can actually read the scale without having to suck it in!

One week to go!

1 comment:

  1. Uh, looks like you're 2.8% down. I'm around 1.7%, so you're totally smoking me. I think I'm going to owe you a couple drinks of your choosing. Unless I miraculously drop 5 lbs by Saturday . . . but I don't think that would be a good thing.

    I'm not sure that we're still going this weekend. We're tired of traveling. The only people I'm really looking forward to seeing are you and Emily, and we thought we could visit you guys some other time or have you down here for a visit. If we don't go, I could use the money from my unused ticket to fly one of you down! And we could use a freebie for the other one of you . . . see, I'm talking myself out of going. What would be more fun? High school reunion or Mike and Emily to California to visit? I think option #2!