October 22, 2008

Free For All!

I just watched the documentary Free For All! online. The film documents cases of voter irregularities and outright fraud in Ohio during the 2004 presidential election. It is a good film which should piss off anyone who believes in democracy, no matter who they vote for on November 4. I encourage voters in other states outside of Washington (where we went to an all absentee voting system, thereby disenfranchising a number of eligible voters) to be vigilant when they go to the polls, and report any questionable activities. And I encourage everyone to watch the film.

Watch Free For All!

Below are a couple of links on preventing or reporting voting irregularities:

Video the Vote
How to report voting irregularities
Voter Suppression Wiki

Also, think that in 2008 there can't be any election fraud? Well, you're wrong, and I'm not talking about ACORN not breaking any election laws. I'm talking about McCain's ties to people who are in jail for voter fraud, as discussed by Keith Olbermann the other night.

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