July 8, 2009

Weight Loss Competition

So my ten year high school reunion is taking place August 14-15. We are going to take over the Beautiful Downtown Burbank Tavern (which has a sign outside that reads "Only a rooster can get a better piece of chicken around here") on the 14th, then have a potluck BBQ at the local park on the 15th. Should be fun.

Previously, I had mentioned that I wanted to get down to around 150 lbs. by the time of the reunion. Well, that's not going to happen. But I would like to lose some weight by then. My friend Mara is also going to go to the reunion, and wants to lose a bit of weight by then too. So what better way for both of us to lose some weight than to have a competition to see who can lose the most by the reunion. We still haven't decided on a prize, but it should be fun. I'll keep track of my weight loss on this blog every few days. Wish me luck!

Starting weight: 167.2 lbs.


  1. Break a leg!

    Heh heh.

    Really, don't do that.

  2. I already burned my arm pretty good at work. You want me to be hurt more? What kind of friend are you? :)