April 26, 2009


I forgot to include this picture with my previous Bacon Salt post. I took it at Winco, and yes, I bought my Bacon Salt in bulk.

Before we went to Winco, Emily, Phoenix and I went to World Market, and saw this amazing product:

Unfortunately it costs $8, so neither of us could afford it. One day...


  1. Holy crap! That's a lot of bacon salt. I'm not too sure about the moral connotations of bacon chocolate but, I'm pretty sure it should be in the commandments somewhere. Thou shalt not eat bacon and chocolate at the same time.

    Seriously... Hello heart attack.

  2. The moral connotations of bacon chocolate are...the hell with moral connotations! It's bacon! And chocolate!

  3. If you like the bacon bar, and my husband would, check out this little recipe you can use to make your own bacon and cheese roll up.