March 27, 2009

"I Hear the Remake Is Better"

In the musical commentary to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, during the song "Ten Dollar Solo," the actress who played Groupie #2* says, "I want to live forever/Just like in Fame/But not as depressing/I hear the remake is better." We were all a bit confused: when did they remake Fame?

Well, they haven't. Yet. The remake comes out in September. So how do they know the remake is better?

Because of the director. His name is Kevin Tancharoen. His sister is Maurisa Tancharoen. Maurisa co-wrote Dr. Horrible, and played Groupie #1 (and also sings "Nobody's Asian in the Movies" in the commentary, one of the best songs). Which makes the reference to the remake no one has heard of even more funny.

*American would want to know what Tracy (Stacey) is all about. It's good for the whole team, good for the family. This is about family!

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