March 11, 2009


The Spokane/Cheney area has had a bit of a cold spell move through here the past few days. We got 2 inches of snow on Monday. The past few weeks hadn't been too bad: we even got up into the high 40s for a while! But now it's back to freezing cold.

The apartment complex we live in was built in 1960, so it gets pretty drafty in here. Not good if you're trying to stay warm. It also has baseboard heating, which is pretty expensive to run, so we haven't been turning on the heaters. To give you all a sense of what it's like in our place right now, here are the temperatures I'm having to deal with. I took all these readings with our meat thermometer (except for outside, which I got using The Weather Channel's website), so they may not be the most accurate, but they should be close.

Current temperatures:
Outside: 6 (feels like -5)
Office: 52.4
Living Room: 54.7
My side of the bed (next to a drafty window): 50.1

You can imagine how cold it gets at night in our bedroom. Counting the sheet, we currently sleep under six blankets. They are all desperately needed.

Fortunately for us, our apartment is situated very well. The sun shines into the office window in the morning, and into the living room window late in the afternoon. The sunshine does warm things up a bit. Not much, but it's definitely noticeable. Unless there's no sun, in which case it stays the same temperature throughout the day.

I really can't wait for it to be warm again. These past two winters have been really harsh. I'm tired of curling up under a blanket at two in the afternoon.


  1. Man, that is cold! When in the world is spring going to reach Spokane?

  2. Never. It will probably be like last year. Winter. winter. winter. BAM! Summer.

  3. I knew we were going to have 6 more weeks of winter, I just didn't think they'd all be crammed into the last week.

    @Emily: You didn't convey it quite right: Winter. Winter. Winter. BAM! Summer. Next day? Winter.

  4. That's right i forgot about the pesky snow storm on June 10th. I remember walking to work cursing God. Ahh the memories.

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