September 30, 2008

Hottest Women of Heavy Metal: Part Deux

Since my last post (link unavailable on account of web site being taken down) was so popular, at least with Thomas, I decided to find more attractive women in the heavy metal genre for you to oogle. I'm presenting them in alphabetical order and, with only one exception, the link on their name is to a music video (the first woman is in a band with no music video as of yet). If I had to pick my favorite from this bunch, it would have to be Maria Brink. But none of them hold a candle to Simone Simons, my favorite from the original post. Yum.

Wait, what was I...oh right. To the hot chicks!

Amanda - Edens Kiss

Maria Brink - In This Moment

Sabine Edelsbacher - Edenbridge

Tanja Lainio - Lullacry

Lisa Middelhauve - ex-Xandria

Marta Peterson - Bleeding Through

Raiana - KHZ

Vibeke Stene - ex-Tristania

Charlotte Wessels - Delain


  1. Hot!

    Charlotte Wessels wins this round. -)

  2. If you think the picture is hot, check out the video.