September 8, 2008

Hello Again!

Note: has been taken down for the foreseeable future. So here's a new blog for now.

It's been a while. And, sadly, nothing has happened in the month or so since I last posted. We got a Wii, but Emily already told you about that. We went camping at Pacific Beach, WA in mid-August with Emily's family. It was fun, but it was cold (as it always is there). Other than that, nothing happened. So enjoy the new site!


  1. Have you registered your old website with Google's Webmaster Tools? They'll tell you what set the alarm off.

  2. Sadly, they didn't tell him what set the alarm off. The report just said, "well gee, it sure was something. Good luck with that."

  3. Sorry you got kicked out of your old place. This one looks nice too though. Do you still love the Wii?

  4. Wait a minute, let's be clear about this: Mike didn't get kicked out his old place. Think of it as being temporarily displaced — like when your house get termites and you have to stay in a hotel for a week.

  5. Thomas is right. I fully intend to go back to the old site once it gets un-fucked. This is just temporary. And Webmaster Tools didn't tell me what was wrong with the site, they just told me it went bad. So I had to lock it off at the wrist (anyone get that reference?)

    Mara, I still love the Wii. We just got Wii Fit the other day, so I can exercise now. I haven't played it as much the past few days as I did the first weekend we had it, but that's a good thing. I don't want to get tired of it, or have it take up all of my time. You need to come up here again soon to play American Idol Karaoke! And to drink, of course :)

  6. The new temporary sight looks nice! I LOVE the American Idol Karaoke! It's the perfect party game...that and cow racing of course. We miss you guys. Once we get the place set up, we all need to get together again. Beer, wine, good friends, and Wii! Yay!

  7. I get the reference. I love Bruce Campbell! I leave it as a clue for others to have a chance to answer. And I done two straight days of the WiiFit. It is so much fun. I didn't really think it would feel like it was working as well as it does. The Yoga is great. It makes me pay attention to my balance and I feel it in my muscles later.

  8. You know, I have never seen a "Reported Attack Site" error...ever. And then, to see it on YOURS? This is a crazy world we live in. In a weird way, do you ever think of the ordeal as some sort of digital red badge or courage? I mean, now you can go to parties and say smugly, "Yeah - Google shut down my site...for being so iconoclastic and revolutionary...I'm a free-speech warrior!" And then demand people buy you drinks. :-)

  9. I hadn't thought of that, but now I will! Anything to get free drinks.

  10. It's not an error, his site *has* been infected by (don't go there), an address that infects other domains.

    Looking at today's Safe Browsing diagnostic for your site, it appears that whatever is affecting your site had gotten _worse_. (Obviously, with your site offline now...)

    Since it was only three pages out of the entire site, I'd guess it might have been something in some of the comments. Of course, I'm saying this now when I can't check. ^_^

    Hope it gets fixed soon. I don't like pop-out comment boxes.

  11. It's not an error, but my point is that Webmaster Tools told us nothing useful.

    "That site cocked up Mikes."
    "Thanks for the heads-up, Google. How did it break the site?"
    "I can't tell you that."
    "Oh. Well, what can we do to fix it?"
    "Search me. Ha! Get it?"
    "Yes, Google, I get it. You're not being very helpful."